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Across The Ocean To See You $54.99
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Nihao Drama Lovers Snack Care Box $50.00

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Across The Ocean To See You
Across The Ocean To See You $54.99
30 Days Of Masking Set
30 Days Of Masking Set $50.00
A Taste Of Taiwan Set
A Taste Of Taiwan Set $30.00
14 Days Of Masking Set
14 Days Of Masking Set $35.00
Back to Iceland Cleansing Water
Back to Iceland Cleansing Water $20.00
All Clean Balm
All Clean Balm $14.99
Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask
Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask $25.99
Anti-Aging 7 Days Sheet Masks Set
Anti-Aging 7 Days Sheet Masks Set $20.00
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 $12.99
AC Collection Blemish Spot Cleaning Serum
AC Collection Blemish Spot Cleaning Serum $18.99
Because This Life Is My First Snail Plush
Because This Life Is My First Snail Plush $26.49

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Did you find any good dramatic things for you? No! Then Stop scratching your head because you’ll be having your very own Asian Drama collection. Rush to our staggering and dramatic Merchandise and choose the products that fascinate you. Because addiction to KDramas could be seen spinning crazily around you!

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Across The Ocean To See You

‘Across The Ocean to See You’ now stress your mind what this specific name depicts? You are inching towards the idea, and if you guessed that we might be talking about recent Asian Dramas, then you guessed it right! So when we are done with Q/A, what about diving into our amazing part of today’s discussion.

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Super packaging and the Yanxi graphic made my partner smile a lot."

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I really am very thankful to have found this shop and interacted with this seller. Thanks to her, my socially distant Valentines day was extra special. I recently introduced my partner to the kdrama Goblin, and the seller made sure to pack the Mr Buckwheat with Goblin-themed stickers and cards. It was a small, kind gesture that made such a huge impact. My partner loved it! Thank you so much!"

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Seller is so personable and helpful making sure everything is extra special! I even got a sweet little Chinese New year's extra that made me smile!"

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“This was a gift for a friend and she loved it. There are many small things that I personally enjoy and it was a great way to share it with her to enjoy.”

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“Super fast shipping and awesome box! Thank you!!”

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“My package arrived quickly. All the items inside were in good condition. I was really happy with everything I got.”

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“This was so beautiful. There were so many great things in the box. My daughter loved it!”

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“This was a HUGE HIT. My spouse recently started diving into Korean dramas, and this was a little surprise gift that she loves. It's thoughtful, it's fun, and it is a great gift for someone (or yourself!)”

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“Lovely gift box!”

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“Absolutely thoughtful and lovely box!”

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“My bonus girl loved this gift from us. It was packaged well and gift wrapped as requested. Thank you!”

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“This kit was absolutely wonderful!! The packaging, quality, and service were impeccable. You can tell a lot of thought and love when into this. Can’t wait to give it to my mom before she starts her next Korean Drama. Thank you!!”

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“That was adorable! Thank you so much! I can tell the care that went into it.”

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“AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!”

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“I couldnt find you on Instagram but I loved loved my box. I really loved all the little note tell me what drama the item was from. I cant wait to buy more of the boxes!! The only think I would like is I love enamel pins and it's so hard to find kdrama ones !! I cant think of anything else. But I wish you luck and I hope you keep making boxes!!!”

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“First of all, let me just thank you once again for all the hard work you do with this amazing company. I love your boxes so much! Secondly, thank you thank you thank you for the cute bracelet you added as a thank you in the box for Lauren.”

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The box was so perfect and so worth the money I paid! The owner of the shop even answered my questions almost instantly when I asked about the boxes and she was super nice too! 💜💜💜 also nothing came damaged and I even got a few unexpected things in my order 😁

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"Absolutely love it!!! Everything was amazing, was very happy with everything that came inside. Loved the hand written note card makes it more special."

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"This was such an amazing gift!!!My sister absolutely loved it!!! The items were so unique and special! I will definitely buy more especially for myself 💕💕💕💕"