About us

Growing up in a traditional Asian household, my sisters and I were taught to go to school and get a real job. However, we thought differently and was introduced to the online business world. We did not need a degree; all we need is passion and love for our Asian dramas.

Our love for all thing Asian really started back in the early 2000’s when we started watching Taiwanese and Korean dramas. During those times, it was difficult to watch an episode with English sub. Now, everything has changed.

Hello-Drama has become a place to share our love for our Asian culture. But as well as our love for Asian dramas. We hope to become a one stop shop for all things Asian.

Who we are? Let’s give you a highlight of our passion for Hello Drama, the passion and craze for Asian Drama has dwelled in us lately. Hailing from Asian Conventional family, we acknowledge the fantasy evolving lately and it isn't confined to Asian Demographics as the fan-craziness is beyond the sphere.

We are well-acquainted with the passion and love of Asian Dramas, and Hello Drama is here to break a leg!

We are here to charge you guys up for the enthralled voyage of the never-ending craze for Asian Drama. Are you ready? Buckle Up! Because a lot of fans including us are dying to add upcoming iconic items to their drama collection.

We’ll keep on cherishing the Asian Drama memories no matter what hinders in the way, whether you have a predilection for watching Taiwanese and Korean dramas, Hello Drama has everything for you to satisfy your Asian Drama obsession. Let’s linger on the Asian Drama obsession together, and share our love for the Asian culture all along the way. Hello, Drama is utterly evolving as a one-stop shop for all Asian Drama gifts.