From Taipei, Taiwan To Your Front Door

Located off the Southeast coast of China, and known as the “heart of Asia,” the tiny island of Taiwan is known for its mountains, sky lanterns, afternoon tea, and friendly people. Its culture includes Chinese Opera, puppetry, sculpture, and dance.


Across The Ocean To See You is a box that we created to bring items from the countries to your front door. All items are shipped and made from the country and send to us to create these boxes for you. 


However, we were blessed to become friends with a nice young lady from Taipei, Taiwan. She went out her way to find most of the items for us. We even have her take a picture of the places she got the items from. All places are local shop in Taipei. 


This image here is a local shop that handmade their own stamps and custom pins that are great for souvenir! 






This image is our friend's café that we gets our Bird's Nest sheets mask from. 



Here is a sneak peak to the Across The Ocean To See You Taiwan Box!!