True Beauty Drama Box

True Beauty Drama Box


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True Beauty Drama Box: 

Why should I get this? 

Are you still watching the hit Korean drama “True Beauty” or did you just finish the drama? And somehow can’t get over it! This box is made for someone who loves the drama and wants to be reminded. The box has 12 items related to the drama and as well as some product placements. 

What’s inside?

Coffee Food Truck Cup

Korean Earrings (Inspired From The Drama)

A'pieu Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Round A Round Green Tea Essence Water (Product Placement)

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer 02 (Product Placement)


Peripera Moist Lip Balm Peach

Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet


Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (Inspired From The Drama)

True Beauty Greeting Card (Handmade)

True Beauty Compact Mirror (Handmade)

Pink Lady Double Eyelid Tape

Holika Holika Pig Clear Black-Head 3 Step Kit


What else should I know? 

Choose what team you are: Team Suho or Team Seojun or Team Jukyung? 

Enjoy the drama with these items or be reminded of the times waiting for the next episodes. A gift to someone who loves True Beauty or simply yourself! 

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