Hello Drama Box

Hello Drama Box


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Hello Drama Box: 

Why should I get this? 

The Hello Drama boxes are back and in stock with new items that will remind you of Asian dramas! The boxes are filled with 15 items in total. It's filled with snacks, sheet masks, PPL items, and simply just cute stuff. Grab yourself a box or give it to someone who enjoys watching Asian dramas. 

What’s inside? 

  • Asian Assorted Snacks
  • Sheet Masks
  • PPL Items
  • Drama Keychain
  • Drama Custom Pin
  • Drama OST Album

How do I use this? 

Open the box and enjoy every item to your satisfaction and discover new dramas.

What else should I know? 

Answer and tell us who is your favorite OTP of the year and receive an item that will remind you of your OTP. A gift to someone or simply yourself. 

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