Drama Survival Kit

Don’t miss a beat, smother yourself with the theatrical experience, and sail to the everlasting entertainment voyage while watching your favourite Asian Drama. Asian Drama never fails to tickle your fancy, as the Asian drama survival kit is.

 If you are just about to start your first Asian drama or you are a veteran of watching Asian Dramas, then the Drama survival kit will keep you binge-watching the series. 

 Let’s start our discussion with a perfect starter package; Hello Drama is here to spice up your drama addiction. So if you are about to initiate a new Asian Drama and need an ideal starter package?

 Drama Survival Kit Is Here!

 Well, the Drama Survival kit is here for you! The kit is filled with items that are a must-have in order to start watching the new drama. If you are planning to take days off from work or school to start your next drama/tv shows, this starter package will help you survive through your drama experience.

We acknowledge that Asian Dramas and your drama fever are heating up. If you haven’t got any dramatic hype and drama survival kit in your hands, then trust me, you are at a complete loss. Why is everyone rushing to purchase the drama survival kit’s amazing pics to take their Asian Drama addiction to another level of hype, entertainment, and excitement?

 Let’s Binge-Watch Asian Dramas With Drama Survival Kit!

If you are downright serious about Asian Dramas addiction, then the Korean drama survival kit could assist you in getting through your dramatic hype, plunge into the most awaited journey of your Asian Drama enthrallment, as Hello Drama is here to charge you up with the ‘Drama Survival kit’

Drama Survival Kit is here to fuel up your for the most-awaited dramatic craze; you’ll get all the dramatic stuff you are in dying need to quench your obsession.

What’s Inside The Magical Drama Survival Box?

Hell a lot of questions are roaming around, and the enigma is making some viewers bite their nails. Well, what’s inside this magical drama survival box? Here you go, we will unleash some of the items our drama survival box entails. 

  • Steam Eye Mask & Sheet Mask

Hello Drama acknowledges your beauty needs, so if you are going to roll in your eyes on your TV screens continuously, you need some sheet masks to moisturize your skin, no need to go for various products when ‘Hello Drama’ is here. The sheet mask and steam eye mask smeared in Drama Survival Box urge you to have healthy skin goals. So when you are done watching your favourite episodes, soothe your skin with the organic sheet masks.

  • Handmade Mooncake Lotion Bar & Handmade Bath Bomb

Hello Drama believes that cruelty-free products should accompany you along your Asian Drama addiction journey. You’ll be blown off by the smooth and soft texture of Handmade Bath Bomb, now just relax while listening to your favourite opera music and enjoy the tickling bubbles of the organic handmade bath bomb.

  • Hey Foodies! Ramen Noodle, Korean Snacks and Korean Coffee Sticks are here

Are you the one who lingers on to the Asian Snacks, if yes then here’s good news for you. The Drama Survival Kit is adorned with crispy and healthy Ramen Noodles. If you are watching romantic or action Asian drama series then long, non-sticky noodles will satisfy your appetite. Hold on! Tickle your taste buds with spicy Korean snacks as well, if Ramen Noodle isn’t enough. Before jumping towards the next surprise, we have Korean Coffee Sticks as well; take sup on cold nights while binge-watching your favourite Asian Drama. Hello Drama has everything to keep your addiction charge up.


Now it’s time to bring down the curtain on the mystery, don’t scratch your head thinking about the rest. Head on to the Drama Survival Kit and add it to your cart before we are out of stock. Unleash other exciting gifts yourself and share your Asian Drama experience with the Drama Survival kit to the world.

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