Asian Dramas: Product Placement

Asian Dramas: Product Placement

In all Asian dramas, there is going to be product placement. Haven’t seen any or just remotely never notice? Product placement is something I always look forward to while watching an Asian drama. I know most drama lovers probably could care less when watching their favorite drama. I constantly look for product placement whether it’s the vacuum, fridge, jewelry, hair accessories, plush toys,  drinks, chips, or one of my personal favorite Subways. 

What is Product Placement? 

Product placement is the product you see being used or worn by the actors or actresses. The company of the product placement sponsors the drama and in exchange, the product gets a feature in the drama. 

Some product placement is visible and some aren’t so much. Then there are those that are just being thrown in our faces. This is more common among the Chinese TV dramas. However, I understand why viewers are annoyed by product placement. It’s quite unnecessary and ridiculous. The writers for our beloved TV dramas have to create a scene for the product placement. 

Product Placement: 

Bad Papa Jang Hyuk’s Vacuum Cleaner

  • Dyson V11 Torque Drive (Copper) Cordless - $599.99


Goblin Mr. Buckwheat Stuffed Plush Toy

  • Bonicrew Mr. Buckwheat Plush Toy - $59.99



Dr. Romantic 2 Lee Sung Kyung’s Skincare

  • Laneige Special Care Water Sleeping Mask - $24.49


My Girlfriend Timmy Xu’s Medicine

  • 999 Cold Granule Solid Beverage - $36.88


Angel Beside Me Thong’s Fruit Tea

  • Oishi Green Tea Kyoho Grape Flavour - 20 Baht

*Unfortunately, I can’t find this product anywhere in the United States. 


Crash Landing On You Son Ye Jin’s Skincare

  • Man:yo Factory Complex Ampoule - $40.00



Mr. Fighting Yoghurt & Nuts 

  • An Mu Xi Yoghurt Drink - $15.48

  • Wolong Daily Nuts - RM115 

*I can not find this product that ship to the United States

This is to just name a few product placement in Asian dramas. And we can not forget all the latest Samsung phones in Korean drama, instant milk tea in Chinese drama, and the many Subways scenes. 

Now, the next time you watch Asian dramas, make sure to spot the product placement! 

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