Jing Cheng Face Renewal Miracle Essence

Jing Cheng Face Renewal Miracle Essence


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Jing Cheng Face Renewal Miracle Essence, by Naruko

Why should I try this? 

From the brand Naruko where the creator himself, Niuer is known as the “Beauty King”. The Miracle Essence is a product that consists of rice lees extracts and botanical plant extracts. This essence is good for all skin types and benefits to go for miles. It is best for even the skin and increases radiance. This also revitalizes and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. 

How do I use this? 

After cleansing the face, apply an even amount to the face and the neck. Let the product be absorbed to get better results. 

What else should I know? 

This product's main ingredient is the rice lees extracts from Xinyi Township of Nantou. A capacity of 150 ml. 

Made in Taiwan. 

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