Hello Drama Snack Box

Hello Drama Snack Box


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Hello Drama Snack Box: 

Why should I get this? 

Have an obsession with Asian dramas? It's a must to snack while binge-watching your drama! Get 15 items that will remind you or were featured in those Asian dramas. There are snacks, sheet masks, skincare items, and simply just cute accessories. 

What’s inside? 

It’s a surprise! Each box is made differently. 

-Asian Snacks (Some are PPL)

-Sheet Masks

-Full-Size Skincare Product

-Beauty Product (PPL)

-Two Drama Greeting Cards

-Drama Level Pin

-Drama Custom Button

How do I use this? 

Open the box filled with joys! 

What else should I know? 

Since it’s a mystery box, there will NOT be a what’s inside the card. Instead, we will provide a note on certain items. 

Price: $55.00

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