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This balancing facial water instantly dissolves dirt and other impurities from your face. Lightweight and lightly moisturizing, it claims Iceland moss extract as the main ingredient. Iceland moss has long been known as a nutritious food source, but most people don’t know that the same properties can benefit the skin as well. Additional citrus extracts like lemon, orange, and grapefruit fight free radicals and even out skin tone, giving skin a natural glow. Extracts of peppermint and wintergreen provide a cooling effect. When used correctly as the first step in a double-cleansing routine, the skin will be cleaner and feel smoother.



How To Use: Make sure hands are clean and hair is pulled away from your face. Apply cleansing water to clean cotton pad and wipe gently across the skin. Start at the chin, wiping upwards across all areas of your face. Take special care around the eyes. Repeat, using fresh cotton pads each time until no residue remains on the pad. Rinse with warm water, then proceed with the second part of your cleansing regimen.



Capacity: 260ml


Made in South Korea