Goblin Drama Box

Goblin Drama Box


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Goblin Drama Box: 

Why should I get this? 

Are you a fan of the hit drama “Goblin”? It was a drama that hits worldwide! Get 12 items that are related to the drama along with one product placement in this box. This box will definitely remind you of Goblin! 

What’s inside? 

  • Coffee Food Truck Cup
  • Korean Snacks Bag
  • Mr. Buckwheat Keychain
  • Paldo Banana Milk
  • Full-Size Toner
  • Drama Custom Button Pin
  • Sheets Mask
  • Steam Eye Mask
  • Goblin Sticker
  • Goblin Postcard
  • Holika Holika Pig-Clear 3 Steps
  • The Face Shop Peach Hand Cream

How do I use this? 

Enjoy marathoning the drama with these items!

What else should I know? 

The items featured in the image may not be what you will be receiving. Each box will have different items.  A gift for someone who loves the drama “Goblin”!

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